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The Firm Negotiates Complex Litigation with Numerous Developers Involving Barnegat Township

The firm has represented Barnegat Township for many years. Recently, the firm successfully completed approximately 6 years of litigation involving a complex agreement whereby developers are required to install, and pay their fair share contribution, for off-site sanitary sewer and water facilities to service their development. The Township believed, and the court agreed, that it was only fair and appropriate that each of the developers accept their own financial responsibility, and not impose any portions of this responsibility on the tax payers of the Township. As a result of the successful conclusion of litigation, each of the developers will pay the entirety of the off-site sanitary sewer and water facilities constructed to service that particular development. As a result, there will be no financial impact with the cost of this construction to the rate payers and tax payers of Barnegat Township. Firm partner, Jerry J. Dasti represented the Planning Board in this matter.

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