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Firm Scores Victory In Surrogate Court

Attorney Martin J. Buckley successfully represented the Firm’s client in a Guardianship matter after a daylong trial before the Honorable Patricia B. Roe in the Superior Court of New Jersey Chancery Division Probate Part in Ocean County, New Jersey.

The matter involved an Incapacitated Person who was alleged to have fallen victim of caretaker neglect and abuse. Pretrial measures and limitations were granted to remove the Ward from his home to ensure he was safe and getting the care he needed at a facility equipped to handle such cases.

After the daylong trial, Judge Roe agreed with Attorney Buckley’s position that the Ward shall remain in the same facility he was transported to before trial and an independent, professional agency shall be appointed Permanent Guardian to ensure the Ward was to remain on the path of success that was instituted by the Ward’s Temporary Guardian and Court Appointed Attorney.

If somebody you know is a vulnerable adult who is in need of a Guardian, please call our office at 609-971-1010 to set up a free consultation.

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